Juniper Routers

The Juniper Routers are the most programmable, resilient, and reliable routers that significantly enhance your operational experience. The extensive portfolio of Juniper of top-notch routers provides unmatched agility, capacity, and operational consistency with end-to-end automation needed for service-aware networks that give them control in the digital world of today.
All Juniper Routers Series

Juniper CTP150 & CTP2000 Platforms Juniper MX10003/MX10008/MX10016 Routers
Juniper MX2020 5G Universal Routing Platforms Juniper MX204/MX240/MX480 Routers
Juniper MX960 5G Universal Routing Platforms Juniper Other Routers
Juniper PTX1000/3000/5000/10000 Routers Juniper Router Accessories
Juniper Router Licenses Juniper Router Modules & Cards
Juniper Routers Services
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