Cisco Modules & Cards

Cisco modules provides enhanced connectivity to help businesses deliver new services, boost productivity and lower the ownership costs. Cisco Interface Cards includes, Cisco Network Interface Modules (NIMs), Cisco Service Modules (SMs), Cisco Wan Interface Cards (WICs), Cisco High-Speed Wan Interface Cards (HWICs), Cisco Voice/WAN Interface Cards (VWICs), Cisco Voice Interface Cards (VICs), Cisco Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Cards (EHWICs).

Cisco 4500 Switch Modules Cisco 6500 Switch Modules
Cisco 6800 Switch Modules Cisco 7200 Modules
Cisco 7600 Modules Router AIM Modules
Router EHWIC WAN Cards Router ISR G2 SM ISM Modules
Router VWIC2 VWIC3 Cards Router WIC WAN Cards
VIC VIC2 VIC3 Voice Cards NM NME EM Network Modules
Cisco ISR 4000 Router Modules & Cards Cisco ASR 1000 Router Modules & Interfaces
Cisco Controller Modules Cisco Firewalls Modules & Cards
PVDM Voice/FAX Modules Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switch Modules
Cisco Nexus 3000 Switch Modules & Cards Cisco Nexus 5000 Switch Modules
Cisco Nexus 7000 Switch Modules & Cards Cisco Nexus 9000 Switch Modules & Cards
Cisco Wireless Services Module
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