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SFP Transceivers

ORM Systems proudly offers SFP transceivers that facilitate seamless, high-speed data communications connections among different applications. Cisco SFP transceivers easily connect one gigabit network switch to another, increasing size and enhancing network functionality. SFP transceivers are most commonly used in industrial, commercial, and military environments where several devices installed and spread in wide areas need to have a reliable and high-speed connection.
All Cisco SFP Transceivers Series

40G Base Modules 10G Base Modules
SFP for 3000 Series SFP+ for 3000 Series
Cisco 100G Optical Modules Cisco 25G Optical Modules
Cisco 400G Optical Modules Cisco 40G Optical Modules
Cisco OADM EWDM Module Cisco ONS Transceivers
Cisco SFP GLC Module Cisco X2 Module
Cisco XENPAK Module Cisco XFP Module
Cisco GBIC Module
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